Pre-Health Sciences Living Learning Community



Pre-Health Sciences Living Learning Community in Maple Hall 

Do you dream of being an innovator, of finding solutions to public health crises? Have you dreamed of being a nurse or doctor for as long as you can remember? Do you want to be an educator who connects the community with critical health information? Do you want to help shape public policy regarding health related issues? Do you see your future in a health field, but can’t yet envision the specifics? The Pre-Health Sciences Living Learning Community may be the community for you. 

Pre-Health Sciences Living Learning Community members will be encouraged to explore their interest and motivation in the health sciences. They have the opportunity to ask critical questions such as, “What excites me about the health field? What is my dream health trajectory? How do I make my dreams a reality in the face of competitive majors, rigorous application processes and demanding exams?”

The Pre-Health Community provides students with the opportunity to reflect, learn, plan, experiment and engage within a community of other students with similar academic interests. Pre-Health Community members will be able to form study groups with other students pursing pre-health related coursework, to participate in activities featuring engagement with advisers, staff, faculty and practitioners, to develop leadership skills by leading community service projects in the community, and to explore the many pathways to a fulfilling career in the health profession. For great information about the field and exploring different majors, visit Pre-Health Advising.