RCSA Executive Board

2016–17 RCSA Executive Board 

 RCSA Executive Board


O'Jinae Welch(1)


O’Jinae Welch, President

I am excited to be a part of the RCSA exec board this year because I get to work with a group of like minded individuals to ensure that first year and returning students have a positive residential life experience. I am excited to give back to the community that positively contributed to my time as a Husky!

Major/Minor: Business Administration with a focus in Finance and Marketing

Hometown: Oak Harbor, WA

Hobbies: Painting, running, finding new music

What you love most about UW: UW offers a lot of opportunity to explore your interest both professionally and personally.

Year of Graduation: 2017


Monique Smith


Monique Smith, Director of Administration and Finance   

The dorm experience has a big impact on a student's overall college experience. Being able to help encourage and facilitate the inclusion of the student voice on their housing experience is what I'm most excited about. 

Major/Minor: Business Administration: Finance and Information Systems 

Hometown: Renton, WA 

Hobbies: Running, hiking, kayaking, and reading 

What you love most about UW: The wealth of opportunities. No matter what you want to do, there are opportunities here to help you reach your goal. 

Year of Graduation: 2017 

Halsey Stultz  

Halsey Stultz, Director of Communications  

I’m excited to be involved in my community and to be able to act as a voice for my fellow residents. I am also excited to work with a professional team and gain real world job experience. 

Major: Business, focus on Accounting  

Hometown: Carnation, WA

Hobbies: Reading, watching Netflix, spending time outdoors and with friends  

What I most love about UW: It is my home – my friends are here, my passions are here, the steps to my future are here.

Year of Graduation: 2019




Bo Goodrich, Director of Internal Affairs 

I joined the RCSA Executive Board as the Director of External Affairs because I believe that my involvement will enable me to make more impactful change in the UW on-campus living community than any other work could. I am also excited that this role will challenge me to grow as a professional as I encounter its new responsibilities.

Major/Minor: Economics BS, Entrepreneurship Minor, Interdisciplinary Honors 

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Hobbies: Fixing, restoring, and driving my cars (a 1979 BMW 528i and a 1986 BMW 528e)

Year of Graduation: 2019


Deelyn Cheng(1)


Dee Cheng, Director of Recognition & Partnerships 

I thoroughly cherished and enjoyed my time on the executive board this past year and am excited to continue growing with the community in addition to developing personally and professionally. With this organization and my position, I look forward to impel change for the betterment of our living communities and to provide the best residential life experience for students by collaborating with peers and administration. For me, living in the residence halls has been an enjoyable experience and I want to ensure other students have the same feeling towards their university home. Most importantly, through RCSA, I am looking forward to connecting with other students, establishing relationships, and hearing their stories!  

Major/Minor: Information Systems/French  

Hometown: Steilacoom, WA 

Hobbies: Scouting out new restaurants, karaoke, traveling, anything involving the outdoors!  

What you love most about UW: I love the variety of activities/events UW has to offer! From Dawg Daze to football games, interesting seminars to canoeing, UW provides many opportunities for students to have fun with friends and to make new ones! And also the campus itself. Absolutely gorgeous and is part of the cool Seattle vibe!  

Year of Graduation: 2018