Mental Health Concerns in College

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It's More Common Than You Think

If you think you or a friend may be experiencing a mental health issue, you’re not alone. Every fall, the American College Health Association does a national survey of colleges and universities regarding topics ranging from mental health, exercising, sexual activity, drug and alcohol abuse, and disabilities. The UW is one of the participating institutions.

Based on their study—

More than 50% of students* have sought psychological or mental health services from medical personnel (i.e., psychologist, psychiatrist, physician, nurse) at some point in their life.

That’s over 20,000 Huskies!*

In fact:

  • 20% or more felt overwhelming anger, hopeless or felt so depressed that it was difficult to function
  • Nearly 30% felt overwhelming anxiety
  • Over 35% felt lonely or very sad
  • Nearly 70% felt overwhelmed

*These numbers represent the percentages from the national study applied to the number of UW students, not actual respondents.

If statistics aren’t your thing, we recommend the website Half of Us. This site has a number of great videos from celebrities and students sharing their experiences about stress and mental health.