Application Hints & Tips

Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired

Apply Early (before you arrive on campus)

We typically start hiring one to two months before each quarter. For autumn quarter, priority consideration will go to applicants who apply by August 1 (but plenty of students who apply after this priority date will be hired).

Students who are hired for autumn quarter and who have an autumn quarter room assignment in the residence halls may be permitted to move-in early. This is for training purposes and so that new employees are available to work immediately as the units reopen for the school year. Please ask about this great opportunity!

Be Available 

If you have submitted an application and have not gotten a response, it may mean that we do not have any openings that align with your schedule. While we offer flexible schedules, we need staff during meal times. The busiest times at most units are during meal times, especially lunch time (and breakfast time for Barista shifts). Dramatically increase your chances of being offered a position by making yourself available during the following times:

  • Breakfast shifts (approximately 7–11 am), and/or
  • Lunch shifts (approximately 10 am–3 pm)

Note: Meal time staffing needs exist for food service and office/front desk positions! The more time you have available during the lunch shifts, the higher your chances are of getting hired.

Fill Out the Application Correctly and Keep It Current 

Select the correct quarter for which you are applying and mark the times you are not available on the schedule section of your application profile. The majority of hiring is done just before the start of each quarter; however, positions continually become available throughout the quarter, so keep your application updated with your current schedule, contact information, resume, and for which positions you would like to be considered.

Make sure to save the application before it times-out. Fill out all the required fields first, click Save, and then go back and enter in the rest of the information.

Apply for Many Different Positions

Make sure you have actually applied to specific jobs once you have completed your profile. Jobs you have applied to will be listed under My Jobs on the main page of the application.

You will increase your chances of getting a job if you apply to all positions that you are interested in. If you are offered and accept a less-favorite position, you may continue to apply to and be considered for other positions even after you are working within the Department. Please note that these are not lateral or direct transfers; you would be expected to provide a two-week notice of resignation prior to departure from a unit.

Plan Ahead. Have Your IDs Ready

Once you accept a position, before you can start working and get paid, the HFS Payroll Office will need to see valid original documentation/identification showing your eligibility to work in the U.S. (such as your Social Security card, U.S. birth certificate or passport). To see the complete list of allowable documentation, go to (see page 5 of the form). International students will also need to have an I-20 ready.

Payroll documentation should be completed within three business days after you accept a position and must be completed before you can start working or training. If you have questions about the process or what IDs you can use, please email us at