Living in the residence halls creates many learning opportunities, and one opportunity that HFS takes great pride in is offering recycling and composting in all of our dining facilities. As the compost industry advances and more and more items become compostable, HFS continues to demonstrate our commitment to the environment by keeping our residents abreast of which items are recyclable or compostable.

Student Cleanup, Recycle & Move Out (SCRAM)

HFS and UW Recycling have created the SCRAM recycling event for unwanted items like used clothing, furniture, small appliances and books during student move-out at the end each academic year. Collection points are set up at all of the HFS residence halls and apartments. All items are redistributed to the community. Your donation will help lighten your load, help others in need, and keep reusable items out of the landfill.

Items you can recycle


Cardboard | Juice boxes | Magazines, newspapers, catalogs | Mail and mixed paper | Milk cartons (rinsed) | Paper bags, boxes and books | Paper food liners | Shredded paper (bagged) | Soy milk cartons (rinsed)


Aluminum cans | Metal cans

Bottles and Jars

Glass bottles and jars | Plastic bottles and jugs


Round dairy tubs


Used batteries, CDs, DVDs, tapes, cassettes, videos, cell phones, ink-jet printer cartridges and small electronic devices can be recycled in electronic-media bins located in the residence halls and throughout campus.

NOTE: Plastic grocery bags can only be recycled at your local grocery store. 

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