Husky Hired: Alex Porter

Where are they now?

Alex Porter
Alex was a Desk Host and more during the time he was a student employee with HFS. In fact, some of the initiative he took while on the job had a direct and positive impact on his future employment. 
He began working for HFS as a summer desk host at Haggett Hall, progressed to Lead at Haggett and hopped over to serve as Lead at Terry Desk. The host of responsibilities included: training and overseeing desk and mail hosts, working the desk, helping coordinate big move-ins, assisting with communications to residents and managing lock changes and related billing when keys were lost. But Alex didn’t stop there. He took the opportunity to make, as he says, “some pretty big technology improvements at the desks.” Alex built an online tool called ShiftSwitcher to manage schedule changes across all of the desks. He created another online tool called KeyTracker, which was the first key database for the residence halls, in turn replacing the printed spreadsheets at each desk and even making key management much easier. “Building and implementing these tools across all of the desks provided valuable work experience that kick started my later career,” Alex said. 
Working at a residence hall front desk puts a premium on direct customer service, a skill that can be utilized in any field a student might go into. It’s called ‘people skills’ and comes in handy when dealing with other members of one’s staff and one’s clients. In Alex’s case, he also learned some management techniques when he became a Lead, which he describes as “a good low-key way to get my first taste of managing other people.” 
“My experiences at HFS definitely bolstered my resume which helped me land my first corporate job in Washington Mutual's IT department,” notes Alex. With his combination of IT skills plus the organizational and management skills he honed at HFS, Alex has gone on to do IT consulting with Hitachi Consulting where he picked up experience at F5 Networks, Xerox, Microsoft and Boeing, culminating in his current position as Vice President of Data Management at Clear Channel Outdoor.  (Clear Channel Outdoor operates most of the billboard and bus ads seen around Seattle as well as the world famous Times Square billboards.) Alex is applying his data, analysis and application experience to frame how all the company’s systems are properly integrated and working in conjunction with each other.  
Looking back at his time as a student employee, Alex advises, “Enjoy your time in college and appreciate the friends you'll meet and experiences you'll get at HFS.”  Some of his closest friends today are people he knows because of his experiences with HFS. “Don't think of it as just a job–look for ways to make things better and you too can kick start your career through your experiences with HFS.” 


  • Desk Host, 2002-2004 

  • Vice President of Data Management at Clear Channel Outdoor  
  • B.A. in Business, with concentrations in Information Science and Entrepreneurship