Payment and Policies

Please read below for information on our food and beverage order minimums, delivery charges and locations, labor charges and fees, and alcohol services. Please contact your Catering Sales Representative if you need more information. We would be happy to answer any questions.

Minimum Orders


Minimum Amount

Delivery Charge

Boxed Meals

8 Boxed Lunches


Food and Beverage Deliveries
(cold food)



Attended Breakfast/Lunch Orders
(hot food)


Server Labor Required

Attended Dinner Orders
(hot food)


Server Labor Required

Saturday and Sunday

Minimum Amount

Delivery Charge

Boxed Meals

20 Boxed Lunches


Food and Beverage Deliveries
(cold food)



Attended Breakfast/Lunch Orders
(hot food)


Server Labor Required

Attended Dinner Orders
(hot food)


Server Labor Required

Delivery Information

Deliveries are available beginning at 7 am and are $25.00 per delivery.

The delivery fee for events prior to 7 am or after 7 pm on weekdays and weekends is $35.00.

The delivery fee includes the price of compostable service ware, delivery, post-event food and beverage table cleanup, and pickup of any equipment and small wares.

If your event occurs on a UW holiday, please contact your Catering Sales Representative about additional service fees.

There is no fee for boxed lunch deliveries unless additional items are ordered.

If you can't meet the minimums, consider picking up your order from our catering kitchen located in Haggett Hall. There is no fee or minimum amount for order pickups.

Bay Laurel Catering can deliver to most campus locations.

Deliveries to buildings without elevators will be limited to a location accessible by ramp or ground floor entry.

Specific times for delivery and pickups (to remove our equipment and small wares) will be scheduled with you.

The client is responsible for providing the serving tables.

Bay Laurel Catering provides complimentary white linen for the food and beverage tables. A champagne or black linen upgrade for your food and beverages tables is available for $3.00 per table. Additional white linens can be provided for $15.00 each or $18.00 for champagne or black.

The client is responsible for the safekeeping of all catering equipment delivered to the site, and charges for any equipment lost or damaged will be assessed with the exception of order pickups and boxed lunch deliveries.

Access to Location

The event location must be unlocked and available prior to the event start time as shown on the event order.

Larger events and meals require more setup time. Please discuss the details with your Catering Sales Representative to ensure that enough time is provided.

In the event that we are unable to access the location or the required tables are not in place, service may be delayed, and any additional service costs incurred will be added to the final bill.


Uniformed waitstaff are available for all events at $27.00 per hour, per server. Labor fees will accrue for the contracted length of the event plus one additional hour for setup/breakdown time. Delay in the service of meals may result in additional fees.

Events with hot food items will require a minimum of two servers to be in attendance.

Guest Guarantees

A final guarantee of attendance is required by 10 am three business days prior to your event. This number is not subject to reduction. If a guarantee is not provided by the due date, we will use your final estimate as the guest count guarantee. It is possible that an earlier guarantee date will be necessary for groups with more than 100 guests and/or with special menus. Our policy is to bill for the actual attendance or the final guaranteed guest count, whichever is higher.

Bay Laurel Catering purchases some products from outside vendors. Should a vendor fail to deliver an order in a timely fashion, we may substitute a comparable menu item to meet your needs.

Express Service Request

Bay Laurel Catering understands that sometimes there are last minute changes to your event orders. If we are able to accommodate your request, a service fee of $15.00 may be added. For plated and buffet meals a service fee of 15 percent based on the increase numbers will be added to your bill. The estimated cost for the original order will not change. Should these last minute request put our staff into overtime, there may be overtime charges assessed.


Cancelations should be communicated to your Catering Sales Representative as soon as possible. Cancelations submitted less than three business days prior to the event date will be charged up to 100 percent.

Fees and Payment

Food purchased through UW budgets or grants is paid for by an Internal Sales Document and is not subject to state sales tax and gratuities.

For individuals and off-campus businesses, full payment of the estimated charge is due three business days prior to your event. Payments may be made by cash, check or credit card. Any additional or remaining charges will be billed following the event, and payment is due within 30 days of invoicing.

Menu prices are subject to change without advance written notice as market prices may fluctuate beyond our control.

Your UW budget is exempt from Washington State sales tax.

Washington State sales tax is added to purchases on non-UW accounts. The current sales tax is 10.1 percent.

Bay Laurel Catering may add a 20% Service Charge for all external customers utilizing our services. This standard industry practice will not affect campus clients or departments at this time. The purpose of this service charge is to assist us in adjusting to the rising costs of labor and in conjunction with the coordination and logistical work required to manage events. This will also allow us to continue to keep our menu prices affordable and competitive.

This service charge will be retained in full by Bay Laurel Catering in an effort to further enhance your event experience.


In compliance with state laws, UW employees are not allowed to accept gratuities (RCW 42.52.140).

Service Ware

Bay Laurel Catering, in conjunction with UW Dining and the UW, is a positive force for a sustainable campus, committed to environmental stewardship. To this end, we are now providing complimentary compostable service ware for all events unless requested otherwise.

Compostable Service Ware—Complimentary

China Service—$2.50 per person on attended events


Complimentary white linen is provided for all Bay Laurel Catering food and beverage service tables. A champagne or black linen upgrade for your food and beverage tables is available for $3.00 per table.

Complimentary white linen is provided for guest tables on attended buffets and served meals.

Additional white tablecloths are available for $15.00 each or $18.00 each for champagne or black.

Skirting is $15.00 each.

Alcohol Service

By George holds a liquor license and a catering endorsement liquor license, and is available to provide alcohol service in support of campus events.

Our Bartenders are state certified to sell and pour beer, wine and liquor at your special event. Staff is included in bar setup.

One bar is required per 100 guests with two-hour service that includes a portable bar (with linen, cups, ice, mixers, condiments and beverage napkins), setup and cleanup. Glass barware is available for rent.

A minimum sales guarantee of $350.00 per bar is required. Clients may be billed the difference if the guarantee is not fulfilled.

Additional bar service is charged at $175.00 per bar, per hour.

Washington State sales tax is included in the drink prices.

No tips or gratuities are accepted.

Hosted-bar service is available for alcohol-approved departmental budgets and invoice payments. Drink script service is also available.

Hosted-bar beverage charges are based on consumption.

Fundraisers require groups to secure a Special Occasion License from Olympia, WA, online at, and obtain their own alcohol and set cash bar prices.

Alcohol served on campus requires the client to complete the Authorization to Apply for a Banquet Permit to Serve Alcoholic Beverages form, which can be found online at

Please discuss beverage service, location and other catering needs with your Catering Sales Representative.

Off-campus groups may be required to obtain liquor-liability insurance with a minimum single-limit liability of $2,000,000 per occurrence. The client shall provide By George with a certificate of such coverage.

Bar Pricing

Domestic Bottled Beers—Hosted $5.75, No Host $6.00

Premium Bottled Beers and Microbrews—Hosted $6.75, No Host $7.00

Washington Wines—Hosted $7.00, No Host $7.25

Signature Cocktails—Hosted $8.50, No Host $9.00

Well Drinks—Hosted $7.25, No Host $7.75
Specialty liquors and local distillery brands are available and charged at market rates.

Nonalcoholic Beverages—$2.75

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