All published information pertaining to housing, food and residence hall services must be approved by the Conference Services Office in advance. 

An advance copy of the finalized conference program must be provided to the Conference Services Office to prevent any scheduling conflicts or incorrect information.


Residence Halls

Please discuss your residence hall signage needs with Conference Services in advance. HFS policy prohibits taping or tacking signs to walls, in elevators, on elevator doors, on fire doors and in the stairwells. Most areas have bulletin boards where signs can be posted.


UW policy prohibits taping or tacking signs to buildings, grounds and trees. Prior approval from the Grounds Office is required when posting signs and banners on the UW campus. The UW Grounds Office may be contacted at 206-221-7819 or 206-685-2809.

The UW is not responsible for damage or loss of signs. The conference is responsible for the timely removal of all signage. Failure to properly remove signage will result in additional charges for UW personnel removing the conference's signs.

Trademarks and Photography

The Trademarks and Licensing Office (phone 206-685-8600) administers the UW's licensing program to control the commercial use of the UW's name and registered trademarks. A licensing agreement may be required to secure the rights to print the UW's name or identifying marks on your products. For information on policies and procedures, please visit the UW Trademarks and Licensing website.

The University Publications Services Department of Photography offers a variety of assistance in finding the perfect images for your conference. For more information, please visit their website.