Reservation Methods

The Conference has the option of one of the following methods:

Reservation Form

Guests make their own reservations directly with the Conference Services Office. The Conference will be provided with a link to an online reservation webpage customized for the Conference. The Conference then places this link on its webpage. This reservation webpage will include a downloadable, printable form as an alternative for guests who do not wish to pay online with their credit card. This printed form may be mailed or faxed to the Conference Services Office to initiate the guest's reservation. A paper copy of the reservation form can be supplied to groups who will not use the Web. Conference Services will send an email confirmation to each guest after payment is processed.

A nonrefundable Housing Reservation Fee (plus tax) is added to the package rate. Reservations received after the deadline are charged a Late Reservation Fee (plus tax) and are processed on a space-available basis.

Name List

The Conference compiles a list of guests’ names and collects all fees. Conference Services will provide a specially-formatted spreadsheet directly to the Conference, which may require the following information for each guest: name, gender, room type, arrival date, departure date, roommate request, meal service, age and any other special accommodations. The spreadsheet must be returned to Conference Services electronically in the same format and in the same software program as originally provided. A final Name List received or changed after the reservation deadline date is subject to a late fee (plus tax) per calendar day.

A Housing Reservation Fee is not charged when this method is chosen.

Guests should not trade rooms after check-in unless arranged through the Conference Desk.