Training Table: House Rules

NCAA Softball UW Training Table provides a healthy environment for student athletes to gather. In order to make this a pleasant experience for all, here are a few basic rules to follow. These rules are based on NCAA rules and violation of these may lead to loss of participation in Training Table or suspension from competition.

  • Please arrive showered and dressed in clean clothes. Footwear is required.
  • The UW Training Table is reserved exclusively for UW student athletes and UW Athletic Department staff. No guests will be permitted.
  • Check-in with the Training Table Cashier is required. Athletes who have signed up for the meal plan must have their Husky Card in order to be admitted into the dining room. Failure to present identification will result in non-admittance to the dining facility. You will no longer be able to give the cashier your UW student ID number to be admitted.
  • Only students and staff who are on the meal plan are permitted into Training Table.
  • Food service personnel and all customers will be treated with respect.
  • No tobacco in any form (including chewing tobacco) is allowed at Training Table.
  • Please bus your own dishes and leave the dining table clean.
  • No phone use is allowed while in line to be served.
  • No to-go boxes are to be taken out of the Training Table unless you have prior authorization from the Training Table Manager. Never take a to-go box for others including family and fellow students. To do so is considered an extra benefit and is against NCAA compliance rules.

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