Residential Community Student Leadership Opportunities

get involved - give back - meet new people

Student Leadership Applications

Hall/Community Council is an opportunity to join a community of leaders and influence where you are living. Help to make the UW residential communities feel more like a home for approximately 7,000 residents. Apply now and make a difference this year.

The opportunities available for most of our communities include four Executive Board positions: Director, Assistant Director for Programming & Communications, Assistant Director for Involvement, and Assistant Director for Representation. Each of these leadership positions offers unique opportunities for people with many different skill sets.

Also available are the positions of liaisons to The Associated Students of the UW (ASUW) Student Senate, the Residential Community Student Association (RCSA), Students Expressing Environmental Dedication (SEED), and Budget Advisory Council (BAC), as well as individual Hall Council Committee Chair positions. These diverse student organizations all work to better the UW and the residence hall experience. See below for more details on the specific positions.

When you apply, you will be applying to be a part of the team, rather than for a specific position. Apply today

The Positions


  • Facilitate General Council meetings on Monday nights (1 hour)
  • Facilitate Executive Board meetings (1 hour)
  • Have weekly one-on-one meeting with the Advisor (.5–1 hour)
  • Have one-on-one meetings with each of the other four Executive Board members every other week (1–2 hours)
  • Help to recruit and advertise for Hall Council during the first weeks of autumn quarter
  • Attend weekly RCSA meeting with Director of Representation and RCSA Reps regularly (1–1.5 hours), Wednesdays 4:30–6 pm

Assistant Director for Programming & Communications

  • Record and distribute minutes of Executive Board and General Council meetings
  • Distribute information about Hall Council to residents
  • Maintain an online presence (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, website)
  • Have regular one-on-one meetings with the Director and Advisor (1 hour)
  • Oversee the Programming Committee (1 hour)
  • Meet regularly with any Program Committee members/Chairs
  • Attend all General Council and Executive Board meetings (2 hours)

Assistant Director for Involvement

  • Recruit residents to attend Hall Council meetings and events
  • Advertise opportunities for organizational involvement
  • Coordinate weekly activities at General Council meetings to welcome and include members (i.e., icebreakers, energizers, games)
  • Coordinate Hall Council recognition efforts, write at least two Rezzies a month (1 hour/month)
  • Have regular one-on-one meetings with the Director and Advisor (1 hour)
  • Plan Community Council bonding events
  • Submit any RCSA funding proposals and follow-up forms
  • Present all RCSA funding proposals when available
  • Act as the primary contact for funding inquiries

Assistant Director for Representation

  • Have regular one-on-one meetings with the Director and Advisor (1 hour)
  • Attend all RCSA meetings and serve as the RCSA Head Representative for your building (1–1.5 hours)
  • Maintain open communication between the RCSA and Hall Councils
  • Ensure a forum for student input
  • Meet weekly with all RCSA representatives and ASUW Senators (1 hour)
  • Attend weekly Hall Council meeting (1 hour)

RCSA Representative

  • Attend weekly Hall Council meetings (1 hour)
  • Attend weekly RCSA meetings (1–1.5 hours)
  • Maintain open communication with students in your community and advocate on their behalf (0.5 hours)

ASUW Senator

  • Attend weekly Hall Council meetings (1 hour)
  • Attend weekly ASUW meeting (2 hours)
  • Attend weekly Residential Community senators meeting (0.5 hours)
  • Maintain open communication with students in your community and advocate on their behalf
SEED Liaison
  • Attend weekly Community Council meetings (1 hour)
  • Attend weekly SEED meetings (1 hour)
  • Maintain open communication with students in your community and advocate on their behalf (0.5 hours)

Budget Advisory Council (BAC)

  • Attend weekly Community Council meetings to give updates on the last BAC meeting and to collect questions/concerns regarding the HFS budget (1 hour)
  • Meet weekly (Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.) with the BAC to engage in what makes up the HFS budget and to provide educated student input in regards to the budget (2 hours)
  • Meet bi-weekly with the community council Director to have a more in-depth discussion on what has gone on in the BAC, both to collect questions/concerns on the HFS budget and to pass on gained knowledge (0.5 hours)
  • Review assigned BAC materials before meetings and engage in discussion with other members in an online group forum (0.5 hours)

(To apply for a position on the Budget Advisory Council, fill out a separate application 



Committee Chairs

  • Facilitate and lead an assigned committee for your community
    • The committee may be for specific programs or events, leading an advocacy effort, outreach to specific members of the community, or something not listed.
    • The duration of the committee is at the discretion of the Chair and can be active for just the duration of planning and implementing a specific event or a yearlong committee to celebrate diversity.

The Process

1. Fill out the application.

2. You will be contacted to set up an interview.

If you have any questions about these positions or the application process, please don't hesitate to contact the Leadership Office.