Why Live on Campus?

Resident Studying

The Residential Life Program is committed to supporting students in creating connections, discovering their purpose, and responsible citizenship development. The benefits of living on campus include:

  • A vibrant and dynamic residential community that’s close to classes and campus activities
  • Many programs that support academic and personal-development goals
  • earning to live in an environment that promotes community, personal growth and respect
  • Opportunities to take advantage of activities and on-site academic resources including tutoring, academic advising and theme communities
  • Convenient dining—grab a latte, dinner or late-night snack in our recognized residence hall dining facilities, express markets and espresso stands
  • Knowing that you have an entire team working to make your living experience a safe and successful one

Reasons to Live On Campus: What Students Have to Say

    “Living on campus at UW has defined so much of my college experience. The halls are so much more than a place to live. They are a place to learn, socialize and be involved in the community where you live. I have loved living in the halls, and I know the staff and administration really care about making the community better for students.”—Emma T., Junior, Political Science

    "The residence halls gave me a place to call home. I feel safe on campus and connected to the other students. I feel like I truly experienced a college lifestyle while living on campus. I was able to get to know people and living with others has helped me get life experience. I have become more involved and feel more comfortable on campus. I am part of the campus and all the activities that take place here. It has given me opportunities to meet others and stay active. I have a community where I feel comfortable and safe."—Rebecca H., Sophomore, Pre-Health Science

    “I love the leadership opportunities living in the halls have given to me. It is so easy to get involved and start making an impact upon the community you live in—through Hall Council, RHSA, RAs and more. There’s nothing like rolling out of bed and getting to class within ten minutes.”—Sarah H., Sophomore, Chemistry

    “Living in the residence halls brings a living and learning community to the transition to college. You have the libraries, advisors and clubs where you live! Plus, you don’t have to fuss with electric, sewer, cable, internet, water and rent associated with living close to campus. Great way to transition into such a large college.”—Josh U., Sophomore, Undeclared

    "HFS has got it figured out. Let them help with an easy transition to college."—Kevin S., Sophomore, Undeclared