Welcome to Hansee Hall

Built in the 1930s, Hansee Hall features striking Tudor architecture and beautiful common areas.

Hansee exterior

Unique Character

Architectural details like this window garner Hansee Hall the nickname The Harry Potter House.

Window details at Hansee

Events at Hansee Hall

An annual haunted house and a semiformal ball are open to all residence hall students at the UW. 

Hansee roommates


The bedrooms in Hansee Hall feature unique architecture and are fully furnished.

Hansee bedroom


Are you musically inclined? Students can practice at the grand piano in one of the lounge coves.

Hansee piano

Unique Architecture

A narrow corridor connects Austin, Blaine, Leary and McKee, the four wings of Hansee Hall.

Hansee corridore


The lounges in Hansee Hall are great places to study or relax with friends.

Students hanging out in the Hansee lounge

Hansee Single

Typical Single Room Diagram

Not all room types are represented here

Hansee Hall

Striking Tudor architecture and beautiful common areas. Hansee is warm, welcoming and located on north campus near the University Village. Built in the 1930s, Hansee is the oldest residence hall on campus.


  • Beautiful Tudor architecture
  • 24-hour quiet hall
  • Ethernet access in every room
  • A cozy lounge with a large-screen TV
  • Grand pianos and fireplaces

Resident Director

Laura Lambeth
Phone: 206-685-1738
Email: llambeth@hfs.washington.edu





Room Types

Singles, Three- and Four-person Suites

For USPS letters and packages:

Resident Name
Hansee Hall, Wing Name
Box 44### (room number)
Seattle, WA  98195-0044

If actual street address is required by shipper (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.):

Resident Name
Hansee Hall, Wing Name, Room ###
4000 15th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA  98195-4470

Contact Us

Student Services
Phone: 206-543-4059
Email: hfsinfo@hfs.washington.edu