What You Can Do

Indoor Environment Quality 30 x 30 icon Practice Green Cleaning

Cedar Apartments and Poplar Hall were designed and built to meet the strict environmental standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification system.

The greening of the new housing doesn’t stop at the structural level. To really make a difference, day by day, you can play a big part by green cleaning. Standard cleaning products often contain toxic chemicals, such as phosphates and ammonia, that are potentially harmful to us and the environment. The good news is that you now have alternative ingredients that do the job without the bad side effects.

Interact with the Dashboard

Each of our new buildings will have a Lucid Energy Dashboard kiosk at the entry of the buildings. To help you see how much energy and water you are using, make it a habit to check the Lucid Energy Dashboard for a wealth of sustainability information. You’ll even have the ability to compare your floor and building usage to others.

Take an Active Role

SEED (Students Expressing Environmental Dedication)

SEED has been helping to increase awareness about sustainability at the UW since 2003. Starting as a five-member residence hall student group and now numbering more than 30 members, SEED organizes a wide variety of events and campaigns pertaining to the environment, composting and recycling. The group received the 2011 Husky Green Award for its continuing (and very successful) efforts.

The UW Sustainability Pledge

The UW has established a commitment to environmental stewardship, setting the bar well above merely complying with laws and standards. To be a part of this, take the pledge to work toward this goal while on campus by saving energy, promoting sustainable food, conserving water, protecting green space, practicing recycling, and reducing reliance on polluting modes of transportation.

The Poplar Hall Sustainable Living Community Pledge

The Sustainability Pledge for students living in Poplar Hall's Sustainable Living Community is modeled on the UW Environmental Stewardship & Sustainable Pledge. Students develop a personalized sense of responsibility to live sustainably by creating a pledge that reflects their own unique commitments to sustainable living. This pledge provides students with options to choose various commitments such as saving energy and recycling. This personalized commitment to strive to live sustainably is required for all Sustainable Living Community members

Sign/review the Sustainability Pledge 

Your New Building

Look around you. From the outdoor landscaping and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, to the inviting community and student spaces and the comfort of the energy- and water-efficient rooms, a lot of planning (including student input), dedication and hard work has gone into the creation of these new buildings. Now you have the chance enjoy an environment where the focus is on living and learning. You are the first to be here. Think of yourself as a steward who sets the tone, direction and habits for those who come after you. These buildings are meant to last. With your help, in years to come, they will remain the standard by which campus housing is measured.

Locations Linkages 30 x 30 icon Transportation

For the new West Campus housing, take your choice of handy alternative forms of transportation.

  • Walk: There’s easy access to classes, libraries, the “Ave” (with food and shopping) and the Burke-Gilman Trail.
  • Bus: Hop on the bus with quick access to multiple Metro bus lines including express buses to downtown Seattle.
  • Bike: You are two blocks from the extensive and beautiful Burke-Gilman Trail. Our new West Campus buildings feature indoor bike parking and storage.