Peer Review Board

The following pages provide information to students seeking to become a Peer Review Board (PRB) member. If your conduct case has been assigned to the PRB, please visit Formal Hearing Process.

The PRB, composed of student representatives from the UW residence halls and apartment communities provides residents with the opportunity to become actively involved in the Residential Life conduct process. The purpose of the PRB is to adjudicate alleged violations of the 9-Month Housing Agreement, 12-Month Apartment Agreement and Family Housing Agreement as well as to determine appropriate assignments for residents found responsible for any Agreement violation(s).

Any UW residence hall or apartment resident may apply to become a member of the PRB.

Why serve on the PRB?

  • Become a leader in your residential community
  • Help provide students with a fair and just system of adjudication upon alleged policy violation
  • Develop and/or enhance your critical thinking, decision making, problem solving and confrontation skills
  • Strengthen the campus residential community through civic engagement
  • Gain valuable communication skills

Apply for the 2017-18 PRB

Peer Review Board Application - Apply Here!

For additional information or questions, contact PRB Advisor Aaron Jorgensen via email at

 201718 Selection Time Line

October 15  Application deadline
October 18–20 Interviews
October 23   Decision letters sent via email
October 30 - November 6  PRB training period (34 evening meetings during period)

*Dates are subject to change

Frequently Asked Questions About Serving on the PRB

If I am selected to participate on the PRB, how much of a time commitment should I plan to make?

Most all PRB related training sessions and hearings take place in the evening, mid-week. Once selected for the PRB, you will participate in 3–4 training sessions and a mock hearing between late October and early November. Hearings are scheduled on an as needed basis and generally amount to four or five per quarter. Individual hearings generally last about one hour.

Is it mandatory that I participate in every case that the PRB hears?

Not necessarily. It is understood that not all PRB members will be able to participate in every case due to academic and personal conflicts; however, it is essential that enough members are present at each hearing to meet quorum.

How much notice will I receive prior to an upcoming hearing?

As soon as it has been determined that a case will be heard by the PRB, the PRB Advisor will begin notifying members of the hearing date. It usually takes approximately 3–5 business days before a hearing takes place.

Is it possible to serve as PRB Chair?

Yes. PRB members may request to serve in the role of PRB Chair, officiating over hearings. The PRB Chair position rotates between those who have expressed interest and participated in subsequent training. This process allows participating members to gain additional leadership skills as well as provides the PRB more flexibility for scheduling hearings, given a Chair is readily available.

What is the purpose of the PRB Advisor?

The PRB Advisor is a Residential Life professional staff member whose role is to coordinate the PRB selection process, PRB member training and the scheduling of hearings. Additionally, the PRB Advisor provides process support to the PRB on Formal Hearings as defined in the Residential Life Conduct Process Guide and to ensure that sanctions are assigned in a manner consistent with cases heard throughout the conduct process.

PRB Advisor

Mariam Mead Yaqub

HFS Central Office
233 Terry Hall

Phone: 206-221-7712