What's next?


How to Apply   

Set up your UW NetID

  • The information you need to set it up is included with your offer of admission
  • It should be set up at least five days before you apply for housing

Set up your UW email account

  • HFS will communicate with you via your UW email

Complete your HFS Student Profile

  • This step can be completed in advance
  • Your profile determines what housing you are eligible for


Application Dates

  • Spring Quarter 2016: Now
  • Fall Quarter—Current residents: April 6–April 13
  • New applicants: May 5–ongoing
  • New freshmen who apply by May 12 are guaranteed housing

Application Details

  • You will agree to the application terms and agreement
  • You will be asked your building and Living Learning Community preferences
  • You will indicate your roommate request
  • You will be asked to pay a deposit
    • A $500 deposit is required for on-campus housing
    • Paying the deposit is the last step in submitting your application
    • Some students with financial need may submit the application without a deposit, and pay it later

Other Things You Can Do Now

Add HFS to your email contact list

Start thinking about

Take a tour of the residence halls


9-Month Housing:
Also known as residence halls or dorms; for undergrads only

12-Month Apartments:
For both undergrads and grad students 

The document you sign online that outlines your contractual obligations

Dining Account:
Funds allocated for use within HFS dining facilities; optional in some areas

Dining Account Level:
The amount deposited on your account quarterly; you select which level you prefer

Living Learning Community:
Living groups that focus on particular fields of study or areas of interest 

Winter Break:
December 17–January 1; most halls close during this time

Discover Your Place