Apartment Selection

Apartment Selection Overview

What is apartment selection?

Apartment selection is the process students use to search online for available apartments and assign themselves for next year.

When will apartment selection take place?

Apartment selection runs weekly. Students will be granted access to apartment selection based on their priority and application date. Information about your apartment selection appointment will be sent to you by email.

April 25—Returning resident apartment selection begins
May 4—New graduate student applicant apartment selection begins
May 18—New undergraduate student application apartment selection begins

Apartment selection will typically open for each group on Thursday and conclude on Sunday. The schedule may occasionally be adjusted to accommodate business needs or holidays.

A typical apartment selection period will proceed as follows:

  • Monday: All students who have submitted an application by Sunday will be invited by email to participate in Apartment Selection.
  • Thursday: Apartment selection will be open at 2 pm.
  • Friday: HFS will send you an email reminding you of your selection appointment.
  • Sunday: Apartment selection will close at midnight.
  • Monday: HFS will assign any applicant who has not yet selected an apartment or cancelled their application.
  • Monday: HFS will email you with confirmation of your selection.

You may login any time after your appointment time, but we encourage you to login close to the beginning of your time for the best chance of getting the room you want.

How does apartment selection work?

  • You will search for your room using the filters of building preference, apartment type preference and apartment gender (Mercer Court only).
  • You may choose to assign your mutually-requested apartmentmates with you, provided they are not already assigned.
  • When you find a room that you (and your group, if applicable) qualify for, you may select that room.
  • Once you choose an apartment, that will be your assignment for 2017–18. You will not be able to select multiple times.

What if...

...my mutually-requested apartmentmates have different preferences than I do?
  • You will only be given search results for areas you are both eligible for and that you both have preferenced.
  • If your apartmentmates aren't eligible for the area you trying to assign yourself to, you will not be given any search results.
...I don't see an apartment I want?
  • If you don't see what you are looking for it is because that type of apartment or location is full. We suggest you select another apartment or building you will be satisfied with.
  • Contact the Student Services Office and we would be happy to assist you.
  • If you haven't already assigned yourself, you can cancel your application with no charge, provided you applied within the previous week.

What areas will I be able to choose in?

  • Undergraduate students will be eligible to select in Cedar Apartments, Nordheim Court and Stevens Court.
  • Graduate students will be able to select in Mercer Court, Nordheim Court and Stevens Court.
  • For graduate students selecting in Mercer Court, apartments will be designated as either single-gender or mixed-gender. You will be able to view only apartments designated for the preference you chose on your application. However, you may change your preference during your apartment selection period by returning to your Application and Assignments Home Page.

Pairs and Group Assignments

  • A pair or group is comprised of yourself and one or more other students who apply during the same selection period.
  • You may assign yourself and one or more other people as long as
    • All group members enter the student numbers of all other members on the application;
    • All group members are eligible to live in the area selected; an
    • Apartment gender preferences match those selected by all other group members. It is very important that everyone in the group you want to live with is mutually requested. Each group member must request all of the other group members for the system to recognize and process the request. If all requests do not match, the group assignment will not be accepted.
  • Apartmentmate requests must be made using student numbers, not names. Be sure to have the student numbers of all students you want to be assigned with before you submit your application.
  • Applicants who apply with a group of two or more will be able to assign their entire group of mutually-requested apartmentmates. The first group member to select online may assign everyone to an available apartment; however, they will not be able to designate which room within the apartment is assigned to each person.
  • If, after being assigned by a group member, you wish to adjust your individual assignment within the apartment, you may contact the Student Services Office.

 What if...

 ...I can't find any available spaces for myself and my mutually-requested apartmentmates?
  • All members of the group must have selected the same apartment gender preference or no preference.

Apartment Selection Tips

  • For the best chance of assigning yourself to one of your preferred rooms, login to the apartment selection website as soon as you can after your appointment time begins.
  • We cannot accommodate requests for earlier appointments based on schedule conflicts. If you do not select an apartment before the end of your selection period, HFS will assign you based on the preferences you express in your application.
  • Have a back-up plan. If there isn't space available in your preferred building or apartment type, what's your plan B? Plan C?

 Next Steps

  • Assignment confirmations will be emailed after your apartment selection period ends.
  • Follow us on Facebook.
  • HFS will send you a final assignment confirmation and information about move-in in August.
  • Contact us if you have questions.