Dining Account Levels 2017-18

Students assigned to 9-month housing are required to have a dining account, unless they live a dining optional area. Those in 12-month apartments have the option of selecting a dining account when they apply for housing, or any time during the agreement period.

The dollar amount placed on your dining account each quarter is determined by the dining account level you choose.

The entire quarterly dollar amount is accessible at the beginning of each quarter. Balances carry forward until the end of the agreement period, at which point they will be forfeited.

Dining Account Levels

Level Approximate
Food Budget1

Incentive Added to
Your Account Each Quarter3

Level 6





Level 5





Level 4





Level 3





Level 2





Level 1





Level RR4




Apt Level 34 55 600 600


Apt Level 24 36 400 400 0%
Apt Level 14 18 200 200 0%


1 The Approximate Weekly Food Budget is based on an 11-week quarter (Quarterly Value ÷ 11 weeks = Average Weekly Food Budget).
2 The Quarterly Value includes the incentive amount that will be added to your dining account.
3 The incentive is equal to a percentage of the total cost of the dining account level.
4 Available only to students living in dining optional areas.

Changing Your Dining Account Level

After you are assigned, you may change to a higher level at any time; you will receive the incentive for that quarter when you make the change.

You may change to a lower dining account level for an upcoming quarter by making your request before the change deadline shown below.

Make your request by completing the Dining Level Change Form.

To Change a Lower Dining Level for:     

Complete the Dining Level Change form by: 

Autumn Quarter

August 31, 2017

Winter Quarter

November 30, 2017

Spring Quarter

February 28, 2018

Summer Quarter

May 31, 2018

Account Balance

Any unused balance on your dining account at the end of the agreement period will be forfeited. Dining funds are nonrefundable and nontransferable. If you terminate your agreement early, any balance remaining on your dining account will be available for you to use until the end of the agreement period.