Pre-Law Living Learning Community

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Pre-Law Living Learning Community in Elm Hall

In collaboration with the Law School, we are excited to offer a new Living Learning Community for the 2017/18 year- the Pre-Law Living Learning Community

Are you undaunted by challenges? Do you believe that a world of good starts with one person? Weill the Pre-Law Living Learning Community may be the perfect community for you!

As our world faces increasingly complex social challenges, law acts as a force for change and partners with nearly every discipline to make a difference.

Whether you want to work for justice, spur economic development, protect the environment, strengthen global health, advance technology, set policy, or advocate for the vulnerable, the law intersects with whatever major and career you might pursue. Training in law is training for the real world.
Members of the Pre-Law Living Learning Community will explore how their intellectual and academic interests align with a possible career in law.

Through programming, advising and mentorship, the community will engage in thoughtful and respectful discourse on complex social and political challenges, develop strong interpersonal and communication skills and learn practical tools in their pursuit of education beyond undergrad. The community will have access to key organized events at the School of Law, mentorship programs, advisors, networking, and other special initiatives.

No matter whether your end goal is a career in law or not, this community will help you understand the world we live in and the lasting impact you can have.

Special Note: We are very excited to launch this new community and a great new partnership with the Law School. Given this community is new, broad student interest has not yet been assessed. As we have a better understanding of the demand for this community, we may have to make adjustments. We will contact students in early June if demand for the community has not been sufficient to fill the community.