Parent Payment

If you are a UW student, please use the Student Payment page.

If you are not a UW student, enter the UW student ID number and the last name of the student whose account you want to make a payment on.

UW Student ID Number:

Student's Last Name:

Residence Hall deposits may not be paid on this page.
Residence Hall deposits paid by credit card must be completed when you submit the online Residence Hall application. Instructions for paying a Residence Hall deposit by check may be found at

HFS does not charge a convenience fee for using a debit or credit card online. Payments made toward your student's housing and dining balance will be displayed within two business days on the student's Statement of Account.

You will receive confirmation of your payment to the email address you provided during the payment process.

View the Privacy Statement and Refund Policy.

For assistance, please contact the Student Services Office at 206-543-4059 or email