Summer Residence Hall Housing

Consider the convenience of living on campus—close to classrooms, libraries and recreational facilities.

You are eligible for summer quarter housing if:

  • You are registered for summer quarter classes; or,
  • You are a current spring quarter residence hall resident and you have signed up to live on campus during autumn quarter 2017, even if you are not taking summer quarter classes.
  • You are currently enrolled at UW Seattle or are enrolled for autumn quarter, even if you are not taking summer classes.

We expect to have space available for all students who apply for residence hall housing for summer quarter.

Summer Housing Locations

Summer quarter residents will be housed in Elm Hall and in Stevens Court A and B.

Summer Priority System

All assignments to the residence halls are made in priority group order. The following priorities are used in assigning students to available residence hall spaces.

Priority 1

Students who apply by April 16 based on quarters-in-residence. Priority 1 students will be able to select their own summer rooms, with priority for earlier Room Selection times going to current residents.

Priority 2

Students who apply after April 16. Priority 2 students will be assigned to available spaces based on application date.

Summer Housing Charges

Summer rates can be found here.

Husky Card Account

Your summer payment includes $36, which will be put into your Husky Card Account for use in the residence hall laundry rooms. You may add money to this account during the summer if needed. Visit the Husky Card Account webpage for information about how to add money to your account and for a list of Husky Card Account uses.


Current Residents

You may move in to your room at the end of spring quarter Finals Week. More information on checking in will be available towards the end of spring quarter. The spring quarter checkout deadline for residents moving to summer quarter housing is 12 noon on Sunday, June 11.

New Residents

You may move in to your room on Sunday, June 18 for A Term and after 5 pm on Wednesday, July 19 for B Term.

Moving In Early

If your academic program requires you to arrive on campus before your assigned check-in date or if you are participating in summer quarter orientation, you may apply for Early Arrival Housing. Information and a link to apply will be provided in your assignment email.

You will qualify for Early Arrival Housing if:

  • You apply for Early Arrival Housing by the deadline stated in the application; and,
  • You have been assigned housing in the residence halls; and,
  • Your early arrival to campus is due to the requirements of an academic program.

If you are approved for early arrival housing you may move in as early as June 11.

MicroFridge Rental

Terry Hall residents may contract with our partner, Collegiate Concepts, Inc. to rent a MicroFridge unit for summer quarter. Orders may be placed by calling 515-597-2303. You are encouraged to place your order as early as possible so that your unit can be delivered during the week of June 14.


The checkout deadline for summer quarter is 12 noon on Saturday, August 19 (or 5 pm on Wednesday, July 19 for A Term only). Information about how to properly check out is available on the Moving Out page.