Local Point

Local Point

Lander Hall
Phone: 206-543-0200

Restaurants (Fall Quarter through Spring Quarter) 

The Big Kitchen serves wholesome meals reminiscent of home, wherever home may be. Look for daily breakfast scrambles and hearty, healthy lunch salads on weekday mornings.

The Custom Kitchen is a place to have things your way. Stop by during the week to prepare your own pasta lunch with a rotating selection of meats including chicken breast, Italian sausage and shrimp scampi. If you’re in the mood for something different, try one of their specials like coconut curry, pesto shrimp Alfredo or putanesca. Weeknight dinner specials range from Indian curries to burrito bowls and stovetop mac and cheese. The Custom Kitchen alternates between a waffle bar and a biscuit bar for weekend brunch.

The Deli prepares hot and cold made-to-order sandwiches. Want it toasted? Just ask! The deli also offers a rotating selection of hot soups and a breakfast parfait station that transitions to a generous salad and fruit bar for lunch and dinner.

Global Kitchen—Celebrating international and regional American cooking traditions, the Global Kitchen is one of the most versatile and eclectic dining destinations on campus. The menu rotates weekly. You may enjoy a savory Croque Monsieur sandwich or ratatouille. Come back a week later and you’ll enjoy shawarma or Creole-inspired Bourbon St. chicken.

The Grill serves classic cheeseburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches and a savory mushroom burger. The weekly specials are always in high demand. The Grill’s special Hilo Monster burger comes with fried Spam, grilled pineapple and teriyaki mayoli. You’ll also love the Jive Turkey, a turkey burger with avocado, cheddar and salsa. We can prepare your burger on a gluten-free bun by request.

Pagliacci Pizza routinely tops the list of Seattle Weekly’s customer favorite pizza restaurants and uses locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, such as spicy pepperoni made by Salumi, a local charcuterie often featured on The Food Network. A leader in sustainable restaurant practices, Pagliacci uses compostable takeout packaging. Catering is available for special events. View Menu

Pagliacci Ordering

PagliacciCall 206-726-1717 (external phone number, please use area code). The 8 and Local Point cannot accept phone orders.

Pagliacci accepts UW budget numbers for catering orders. Also, students living on campus can use their HFS Dining Account for Pagliacci orders if they order in person at The 8 or Local Point.

Contact Information

Manager: Andrea Yeckel
Phone: 206-543-6975
Email: bensoa3@uw.edu

Contact Us

UW Dining Administration
Phone: 206-685-4950
Email: uwdining@uw.edu

Forms of Payment

This location accepts UW Dining Account, Husky Card Account, Visa and MasterCard.

Sorry, no cash.