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Welcome Residence Hall Students!

Move-in starts on September 22! To learn about your new home, how you can prepare and what Move-in will look like, check out our Welcome Guide.

Welcome Residents

Fridge Rental GridOur partner CCI, Inc. will be available for micro-fridge rentals during residence hall Move-in at Local Point or The 8 on September 22 and 23. If you already ordered a micro-fridge, it should be in your room when you arrive!

Past Due BillsWe’re looking out for you! We’ve heard reports of a payment fraud scheme that some UW students have fallen victim to. Keep yourself and your account safe by protecting your personal information and not allowing a stranger to “pay your UW bills” for you!
Student JobsWork for HFS and earn a paycheck while learning new skills. We offer flexible schedules and convenient locations. Apply now!