Arts Living Learning Community


Arts Living Learning Community in Alder Hall

Calling all painters, poets, performers, dancers, drama devotees and crafters! Whether your art interests spring from the creation of art, the study and exploration of a rich art history, the intersection of art and politics or art innovation to shape a better tomorrow, the Arts Theme Community may be the community for you. 

Students living in the Arts Community will be encouraged to explore their art identity while tapping into an understanding of what feeds their excitement and passion for art. Students will be exposed to the vibrant art community at the UW and the greater Seattle area with opportunities to attend a diverse array of events and activities. Arts Living Learning Community members will be invited to and supported in exploring how their passion and interest in art may be a pathway to a fulfilling academic and career trajectory. The Arts Living Learning Community is offered in partnership with the College of Arts & Sciences, ArtsUW and the UW World Series. 

Residents living in this community will have access to Area 01, a learning destination where students can connect, imagine, discover, innovate and responsibly create.