Food Exploration Living Learning Community

2015-16 Academic Year


Food Exploration Living Learning Community in Lander Hall

Does the word food pique your palate and your interest? Are you structured and follow recipes or do you dare to wander and experiment with flavors, textures and tasty possibilities? Do you enjoy growing your own vegetables, nurturing a garden from soil to snack? Are you curious about the story of your meal from farm, field or sea to table? Are Chopped and Celebrity Chef your TV shows of choice? Do you want to join a community of UW food aficionados with similar culinary interests? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might find your Husky home in the Food Exploration Community.

Situated in the rich culinary world of Seattle where community gardens abound and farmers markets are a destination, HFS offers students from all disciplines the opportunity to engage in a vibrant environment centered around foodthe Food Exploration Living Learning Community. Whether your interests focus on breaking bread with friends and community, cultivating your culinary prowess, getting your hands dirty with urban farming, promoting public health through nutrition, or striving to find innovative solutions to global hunger, the Food Exploration Living Learning Community may be the community for you. 

Activities and opportunities will draw on the rich food resources of the area including the robust Resident Dining Program offered by HFS, which features locally grown products, Fair Trade Certified coffee, creative culinary teams and environmentally conscious food production and delivery. Students will also have opportunities to explore the UW Farm, local gardens, urban farming and the thriving Seattle food culture. The Food Exploration Living Learning Community is offered in collaboration with the College of the Environment and the School of Public Health, which will help students explore academic pathways that can bridge a personal passion for food and a possible career trajectory.


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