Striving for Zero Waste

It’s not just a mere phrase. Working closely with students, HFS takes pride in being involved in a nationally recognized program that is making real progress in reducing the amount of waste going to our regional landfills.

Did you know that the cups, straws and food containers we use in our dining facilities are biodegradable? When you put these items in compost receptacles, they are combined with kitchen waste and leftover food. HFS contracts with Cedar Grove, the largest compost facility in the Pacific Northwest, where what once was placed in the garbage can is converted into a nutrient-rich compost.

That’s why our credo is Strive for Zero Waste.

Where to compost in the residence halls and in our apartments

Residence Hall


Alder Hall

Lounges and 1st floor common areas

Elm Hall

Lounges and 1st floor common areas

Haggett Hall

Grey Lounge

Hansee Hall

Stagger Inn and Leary lounges

Lander Hall

All floors

McMahon Hall

Lobby level next to the stairs going down to The 8

Poplar Hall

Floors 3–7 in the trash rooms



Cedar Apartments

Cedar East trash room

Mercer Court

Compost compactor next to Building B

Stevens Court

Under Building C on the parking level

In our on-campus dining facilities, you can compost

Brown natural wrap | Chopsticks | Clear wrap used to package Bay Laurel To Go sandwiches and Noshaway kosher sandwiches | Cold cups and lids | Cutlery | Deli and salad containers | Food trays | Hot cups and lids (except the small, 8-ounce size) | Napkins | Paper bags of all sizes | Paper plates | Paper wraps | Soup containers | Stir sticks | Straws | To-go boxes | Toothpicks

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Compost Video

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Compostable take-out containers have come a long way. Here's an update.