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What if I forget my Husky Card?

You need to have your Husky Card in order to enter Training Table unless you have notified the Conibear Shellhouse Manager earlier in the day.

Can my friends come and just sit with me while I eat?

No, only UW student athletes on a current team roster and their coaches are allowed into the dining room. If there are others who need to return items to you, speak with you, etc., please have them stand outside the dining room doors and text/call you on their phone. They will not be allowed inside the dining room.

What if I can't stay during dinner hours? Can a friend grab a meal for me?

No, if you cannot stay long enough to eat dinner, you cannot have a friend grab a to-go box for you. You are welcome to grab a quick bite before you need to leave, but you cannot take a to-go box without prior permission.

Can I request a to-go box at any time?

No, you must submit a request 24 hours before you need a to-go box. These requests can be obtained and turned in at the check stand when you enter or leave. A submitted request does not guarantee a to-go box. Only valid reasons will be approved. If you have a repeating conflict, such as a lab every Thursday night, you can submit a single request for the quarter.

What if I will miss a meal because of a game?

If you notify the Training Table Manager at least 24 hours before a game, you can receive a refund for the missed meal. You cannot receive a refund after the meal has been missed.

Why aren't coffee and other caffeinated drinks offered at Training Table?

Caffeine is a NCAA banned substance. Consuming coffee and other caffeinated drinks/food items can produce a positive drug test. A positive drug test will eliminate you from competition for one full year.

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