Freshëns Smoothies & Frozen Yogurt

Located at By George and Dawg Bites
Phone: By George 206-616-8992 or Dawg Bites 206-616-2917

Our classic fresh blended smoothies are made with real fruit, no high fructose corn syrup, and available in dairy and nondairy options. Plus, they're fortified with 100% of vitamins A, C, D, E and 25% calcium.

Watching your calorie intake?

We have a menu of low-calorie smoothies, and you can use our countertop nutrition kiosk to check out the nutritionals for anything on our menu.

Frozen Yogurt = Pure Goodness!

With a toppings bar offering 18 choices of fresh fruits, natural nuts and granolas, and splurge toppings like Fruity Pebbles® and Cap’n Crunch®, your choices are limitless. Try our new tart yogurt or our traditional creamy frozen yogurt in vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. Our frozen yogurts are all natural, with live active probiotic cultures to promote overall health and support your body's defenses.

Contact Information

Manager: Joe Gohndrone (By George)
Phone: 206-616-8992

General Manager: Torin Munro (Dawg Bites)
Manager Phone: 206-221-4598

Contact Us

UW Dining Administration
Phone: 206-685-4950