Winter Break Housing

Residence Halls 2014-15

Most residence halls are closed during Winter Break, from 12 noon on Saturday, December 13 through 8 am on Sunday, January 4. Unless you live in Lander Hall, Mercer Court or Stevens Court, you may not live in your room during Winter Break. However, you may leave your belongings in your room during the break.

The only residence halls that remain open for residence during Winter Break are Lander Hall, Mercer Court and Stevens Court.

Requesting Winter Break Housing

This information applies only to students applying for residence hall housing before or during autumn quarter.

When you complete your residence hall housing application, you may request on-campus housing during Winter Break.

Our Apartments operate on 12-month agreements and allow residents to remain during all break periods. If you require year-round housing, consider applying for one of these areas.

Already Living in the Residence Halls

If you are assigned to any hall other than Lander Hall, Mercer Court or Stevens Court, you will not be able to live on campus during Winter Break. Please look into alternative housing options using our Off-campus Housing Resources page.

Please Note

HFS cannot guarantee placement in Lander Hall, Mercer Court or Stevens Court.