Requesting a Specific Roommate

You may request a specific roommate on your application. Your request will be accommodated if:

  • Both residents are of the same gender*;
  • Both applications have concurring information;
  • Both applications are submitted at approximately the same time; and,
  • Space is available.

*A small number of units are reserved for students who request gender-neutral housing. Additionally, apartments in the Graduate Student areas of Mercer Court (D and E) are designated as same-gender or mixed-gender.

Please Note

You will be asked to enter your requested roommate’s UW student number on the application in order to make your request. Entering any other information will cause the application system to reject your request. Please be sure that you and your requested roommate know one another’s UW student numbers before beginning the application. Our ability to assign roommates together is limited by room availability.

If you do not specify a roommate, you will be assigned one by the Student Services Office. Your responses to the smoking and lifestyle questions on the application will be taken into consideration when your roommate is assigned.

HFS assigns students based on the gender marker as it appears in the UW Student Database and cannot assign opposite sexes to the same room or apartment.

HFS makes all assignments without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation or national origin, and rejects all requests for changes of assignment based on these factors.

Finding a Roommate

Autumn quarter applicants may search for roommates using the Undergraduate Roommate Finder Forum.

If you are a member of the Gender and Sexual Diversity (GSD) or Ally community, you may search for roommates via the Q Center's Queer-Positive Roommate Forum.

Gender-Neutral Housing

Gender-neutral housing is a program that can broaden student's choices and help ensure living arrangements that are welcoming and inclusive for all members of our community. Selected units in Haggett Hall, Poplar Hall and Nordheim Court will be shared by students of any gender, sexual orientation, identity, and expression.

Gender-neutral housing is open to any self-nominating student, including but not limited to members of the GSD or Ally community. It is offered as a safe and inclusive alternative for students within the GSD/Ally population.
Students who select an apartment in a gender-neutral area will be contacted by the building's Resident Director to ensure mutual understanding of community goals and expectations.

If you are interested in living in our gender-neutral housing, please request it on your housing application.