12-Month Apartments: Eligibility

You are eligible to live on campus if you maintain registered student status at the UW Seattle campus for fall, winter and spring quarters each year. UW faculty and staff registered under the Tuition Exemption Program are not eligible.

You must notify the Residential Life Administrative Office if you are in residence and fail to meet the registration requirement. Special arrangements may be made for reasons such as serious illness, unforeseen financial or family hardship, or required noncredit fieldwork. Written documentation will be required for special arrangements. The Residential Life Administrative Office will verify your registration at the beginning of each quarter.

Graduate students registered for thesis or dissertation credits must submit a letter to the Residential Life Administrative Office from your departmental adviser confirming continuing satisfactory progress toward a degree.

You are eligible to remain in 12-month apartments during summer quarter even if you graduate at the end of spring quarter. 

Departmental Letters 

Departmental letters should:

  • Be printed on UW departmental letterhead or be sent from a staff/faculty member's UW email account
  • Include the student's full name and UW student number
  • Indicate which quarter the student will be enrolled
  • Indicate whether or not the student will be matriculated
  • Specify if the student will be enrolled full- or part-time

Departmental letters may be emailed (from a staff/faculty member's UW email account), faxed, sent via campus mail, or delivered in person. 

Student Services Office
Housing & Food Services
210 Lander Hall, Box 355842

All HFS Facilities

You must be accepted as a student at the UW and maintain your status as a registered student in order to be eligible to live in UW housing. If you fail to maintain your status as a registered student, you must notify the Student Services Office in 210 Lander Hall in person or via email at hfsinfo@u.washington.edu.

You are not eligible to live in the UW residence halls if you:

  • Have been dismissed or evicted from any UW housing facility;
  • Have had an unlawful detainer action filed against you by the UW;
  • Have had a contract, lease or agreement terminated by the UW; and/or,
  • Have vacated any UW housing facility in lieu of legal eviction.
  • Are registered or classified as, or have been required to register or been classified as, a Level 2 or Level 3 sex offender pursuant to the laws of Washington State or the equivalent in any other state, territory or foreign county.

You may not be eligible to live in UW housing if you have been convicted of a sex offense; or have entered a deferred adjudication agreement relating to a sex offense; or have been or are under active supervision by any state, territory or foreign country related to a sex offense; or have been or are required to register as a Level 1 sex offender, and you must notify HFS in writing at hfsinfo@uw.edu at the time your agreement is submitted.

If after submitting your agreement and your housing application you are convicted of or are found to have committed a sex offense; enter a deferred adjudication agreement relating to or are placed under active supervision by any state, territory or foreign country relating to a sex offense; or are required to register as a sex offender, you must inform HFS of your offense in writing at hfsinfo@uw.edu within 24 hours of any adjudication. You may be required to check out within 24 hours of said notification unless HFS provides you with written permission to remain in UW Housing.

You must provide the University with any information it requests related to a sex offense in order for the University to make a determination of your eligibility to reside in UW Housing based on the best interests of the University.

If at any time after you have submitted this agreement you become ineligible under the eligibility criteria stated above to reside in UW housing, you must inform HFS in writing at hfsinfo@uw.edu of your ineligibility within 24 hours of becoming ineligible, and to check out within 72 hours of becoming ineligible, unless you are required to vacate earlier.

Public-private Partnership Properties

For residents of facilities operated in public-private partnership with HFS (Commodore Duchess and Radford Court), if violation of the Rental Agreement or Contract results in: a) the property management company evicting the resident; or b) the resident vacating at the request of the property management company in lieu of legal eviction; then c) the resident becomes ineligible to reside in any of those facilities in public-private partnership with HFS, as well as the residence hall system or any apartment facility operated by HFS.

Please note that some eligibility requirements may differ for properties managed by a private management company. You may refer to the following websites for more information:










Residential Life Administrative Office

HFS Central Office, Terry Hall
Box 355605
Phone: 206-543-7725

Student Services Office

210 Lander Hall
Box 355600
Phone: 206-543-4059
Fax: 206-543-3124