Residence Halls: End of Quarter Information

Spring 2016

General Checkout Information

You must check out of your residence hall room by 12 noon on Saturday, June 11. HFS encourages you to check out no more than 24 hours after your last exam in order to maintain an academic environment for those who are still studying. Detailed instructions regarding checkout are available on your building-specific page linked to the right under the Checkout Instructions heading.

All rooms are inspected by a Residential Life staff member when a resident checks out. You may opt for a Deferred Inspection Checkout or a Standard Checkout. The Deferred Inspection Checkout option is not available to you if you are the last (or only) person to check out of your room, or if you and your roommates do not agree to the terms on the Deferred Inspection Agreement. Additional information is available on your building-specific page.

Quiet Hours

24-hour Finals Week Quiet Hours begin at 7 pm on Wednesday, June 1, and continue through noon on Saturday, June 11. Good luck on your final exams, papers and projects!

Checkout Extensions for Graduating Seniors

If you are participating in commencement ceremonies, you may be granted a checkout extension by applying with your Resident Director. You must apply for an extension no later than Friday, June 3. Extensions will be granted only to qualifying residents who request an extension in advance, and all check-outs must occur by 7 pm on Saturday, June 11. You may not stay in the halls past Saturday, June 11 unless you are living with HFS for summer.

Commencement 2016 will be held at Husky Stadium. If you are participating in commencement ceremonies, it is in your best interest to consider traffic, distance, and the time needed to check out, and plan accordingly. Failure to check out properly may result in charges being assessed, or in your belongings being packed and stored and/or disposed of at your expense.

Students who are not participating in commencement ceremonies are not eligible for a checkout extension.


WHILE MOVING OUT: If you do not have a spring quarter parking permit, you must purchase a daily permit at one of the gatehouses as you drive onto campus. If you are in the process of moving out of your spring quarter room or into your summer quarter room, please do not leave your car unattended in a parking space unless you have a valid UW parking permit for that area. Cars without permits are subject to parking violations.

Commencement will take place on campus on Saturday, June 11 so parking will be at a premium. Please plan your move-out accordingly. Parking locations for North campus include a small portion of lot N5, Klickitat Lane NE, and lots N7, N10 and N13. West campus parking locations include lots W39, W33, part of W10 and part of W12, as well as load/unload zones on Adams Lane NE, NE 41st and NE 40th and Brooklyn. Please check your residence hall’s page, linked to the right, for specific parking locations.

SUMMER AND AUTUMN PARKING: New applications and renewals for current residents for parking may be submitted through UW Commuter Services.

Account Updates

Address: Please update your mailing address online via MyUW on or before June 1. Failure to do so may result in items being delayed or returned to sender, or refunds being misdirected to an incorrect address. Mail will be forwarded for 180 days after you check out. You are encouraged to notify your publishers and correspondents of your new address to expedite the delivery of your mail.

Authorizations: Visit your Application and Assignment Home Page to update or remove account authorizations on file with HFS. It is important that you do this whether or not you plan to continue with HFS. 

Account Refunds

Any charges on your housing account must be paid before you vacate; late charges will be assessed on balances over $200 starting on June 10. Account balances can be checked on your Statement of Account page.  

Unless your account is held due to charges for damages, cleaning, an unpaid balance or other reasons, any refundable housing deposit will be issued after you vacate. The safest, quickest, and easiest way to receive you refund is through direct deposit. Direct deposits can be sent to any financial institution within the United States that participates in the Automated Clearing House (ACH). When you provide us with your direct deposit information any refund will be made directly to your bank account. If you do not have direct deposit information on file, your refund will be issued by check to your local address in MyUW.

Please update your address through MyUW prior to vacating in order to expedite the correct delivery of your refund. Please note: If you are returning to campus for a future quarter, the housing deposit will remain on your account.

If your address on file is a non-US address your refund will be made to the credit card last used to make a payment on your account (if applicable). All other refunds will be issued via check. Refunds will be issued on June 24. Please allow an additional five to seven days for deposits to reach your account. Check refunds can take two to three weeks to arrive in the mail. If you do not receive your expected refund by July 15, please contact the Student Services Office.


Dining Funds are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Any dining funds remaining on your account after June 11 will be forfeited. Please speak to a UW Dining manager at District Market if you would like to use a surplus balance to purchase items in bulk, such as  nonperishable food, UW-branded apparel and kitchen supplies.

Any balance of funds on your Husky Card Account will remain accessible for your use and will carry over to next year.

Summer School Residents

If you have been assigned to the same room for summer in Terry Hall or Stevens Court, you do not need to do anything to check out for spring quarter or to check in for summer quarter.

If you are moving to a new room in Terry Hall or a Stevens Court apartment for summer quarter, you must still follow the checkout process outlined on your residence hall’s page linked on the right side of this page. However, you may remain in your spring quarter room until 12 noon on Sunday, June 12 if the room you are moving to for summer quarter is not available by 12 noon on Saturday. You are encouraged to complete your move within 24 hours of your new room becoming available. Additional information about moving to summer housing is available on the Spring to Summer Transition page.

Please note that Custodial staff will be entering partially-occupied apartments in Stevens Court in order to clean before new summer residents move in.

Emergency Kits

You are expected to bring back your red emergency kit after any break in residence, and to replace any used or lost items at your own expense. Your kit should accompany you to your on-campus summer housing or to your assigned room in the autumn.

MicroFridge Return

Collegiate Concepts Inc. (CCI) will be on campus Monday, June 6 to pick up MicroFridges. The schedule and other details can be found on the MicroFridge Return page.

Cancelling your Autumn Quarter Housing

If you have applied to live on campus for 2016–17 and change your mind, you may cancel via your Application and Assignment Home PageCancellation charges will apply. If you are a priority 1 applicant and cancel your application, you will lose your returning resident status. Should you reapply, you will be a priority 5 applicant, meaning you will be assigned after all new freshmen and transfer students; it is possible you won't be assigned until after autumn quarter begins.