Student Husky Card

Student Husky Card 


Students who are eligible to register or who have already registered may obtain their UW ID cards (Husky Cards).

Obtaining a Husky Card

Your on-campus orientation session will include a stop at the Husky Card Account & ID Center. If you have registered and will not be participating in an orientation session, you can obtain your Husky Card at the Husky Card Account & ID Center at any time during office hours. You will need to have your student ID number and U.S. state- or federally-issued photo identification with you (such as a driver's license or passport). We do not accept high school IDs. ID Center Locations 

Spring 2011 Recard

Student Husky CardIf you are a continuing student and missed the spring 2011 recard events, you may pick up your card now. Seattle campus students may collect the card from the Husky Card Account & ID Center. Bothell students may go to the Bothell Security Office. Tacoma students may go to their Registrar's Office. Your current card will continue to function normally for Husky Card services until you get your new one; however, the new card is required for utilizing the U-PASS.

Taking Care of the Card

It is important for cardholders to take proper care of their new Husky Card. Husky Cards should not be bent nor have holes punched in them. A thin wire antenna embedded in the Husky Card assists the smart chip in communicating with ORCA card readers. Keeping your Husky Card in a protective cover is the best way to ensure a long, functional life. Cardholders will be charged a $20 fee for replacement of a damaged Husky Card.

Replacement Cards

If you lose your Husky Card, immediately go to the Online Card Office to report your card lost and suspend activity on your Husky Card and Resident Dining Account, or call the Husky Card Account & ID Center at 206-543-7222 during business hours to report it as lost.

To replace your Husky Card, go to the Husky Card Account & ID Center. You may be required to show your legal photo identification to obtain a replacement card. A nonrefundable fee of $20 is charged for replacement of lost or damaged Husky Cards. There is no additional charge to replace the U-PASS; however, because the ORCA card readers do not update immediately with new card information, you will not be able to use the U-PASS for transit for 24–48 hours after replacing your Husky Card.


The Husky Card contains an embedded RFID microchip processor that communicates with card-reader equipment. U-PASS members need a Husky Card to use U-PASS on transit. The smart chip functionality will only be activated for those who have been billed for U-PASS privileges. Once activated, hold the card to ORCA card readers for full fare coverage. You should see a green light and hear a beep. Visit UW Commuter Services for more details about using your Husky Card for transit.

Universal U-PASS

Most Seattle-campus students are enrolled in the Universal U-PASS program, and the U-PASS charge will automatically appear on their tuition statement. The ORCA-powered U-PASS will be active for transit one week before the quarter starts, and you must tap your new Husky Card on an ORCA card reader to finalize activation each quarter. (Note: Failure to finalize activation of your U-PASS will not result in a refund of the U-PASS charge). ORCA card readers are available on all buses and light rail/Sounder stations. For more details on finalizing U-PASS activation, please review UW Commuter Services information on the student U-PASS.

Optional Purchased Student U-PASS

Some students are not eligible for the Universal U-PASS. However, they may be able to purchase an optional U-PASS membership.

Privacy Issues

There will be no personal identification information stored on the smart chip. The RFID chip will be used to validate that the cardholder has access to U-PASS transit privileges. All information associated with the card and access rights is kept in accordance with the UW policy on personally identifiable information. For information regarding the privacy of transit data, please see the U-PASS Terms of Use.

Full Season Football Ticket Holders

2011 Student Full Season Tickets will be ticketless. Students must bring their Husky Card to each game for entry to Husky Stadium. Husky Cards will be checked and swiped at the student entrance, which is located at the North Plaza of Husky Stadium. Students who do not have their Husky Card on game day will not be admitted to Husky Stadium. For more information, visit UW Athletics.

Card Ownership

The Husky Card is the property of the UW and is not transferable. Do not allow others to use your Husky Card. Doing so is a serious misuse of the Husky Card and as such subjects you to disciplinary action as described in the UW Student Conduct Code.